Diesel Engine Water Pump For 1013 2012 2013

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This parts are only used for the water-cooling engine of DEUTZ, they are used for the engine which could supply water to make the engine cooling, it is most important for the engine cooling, if the water pump quality have problem, the engine temperature will be higher, if the engine temperature arrived the top, the engine will stop work, or it will take big damage of the complete engine. So, we give our suggestions to all of our customers to choose best quality water pumps. We purchased these parts from China OEM factory, these factories supply these parts to China DEUTZ engine factory, and all the water pumps were inspecting before the factory sold, so the quality is best.

Generally speaking, this water pump reduce the temperature for the engine, so the water pump need best quality to feed the engine, so the engine need the water pump with goods run-speed, good material, the most important parts are the bearings and water-seal.


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All these two parts the OEM factory were used important parts who was famous all over the world, so this water pump quality was good, you know the water-cooling type engine needed oil cooler and water pump to reduce the temperature, if the water pump quality was not firmly, only used the oil cooler could not reduce the engine temperature in time, so it will make the engine temperature higher and higher, if the engine was working in higher situation in long time, the engine will be damaged, if the engine used in Machine, it will damage the machine.

We have technical department for all the engine spare parts inspecting, if the water pump have problem, our technical manager and his team could inspected them in our warehouse for all the customers first, if that the water pump was inspected in two times, then it will help the costumers reduce the risk.

So you can choose us as your supplier, there is nothing need to worry about.

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