Oil Pump For Diesel Engine for 912 1013 2011 2012 2013

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The oil pump supply oil for the engine, we all know well the engine could start work need the oil, so if the oil pump quality was bad, they could not supply the oil well to the engine, the engine power will be lost, if the engine working in this case long time, it will take big damage of the engine.

In china, there are so many factories who could develop oil pumps for diesel engines, some factories was small and the parts quality was not firmed, so if you buy the oil pump from these factories, you should take more care of this oil pump, maybe this will be lost for you. Even if there is no damage, and you didn’t have any lost, but you need to worry about this thing for long time, it will take you more energy, In order to solve this problem for all the customers, we purchased the oil pump from China OEM factory, all these parts were supplied to China DEUTZ Factory, so the quality was good and firmly.

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Even if there is any quality problems, we will afford all the lost of our customers, so you don’t need to worry about anything, why way could do that, that is because all the oil pump was tested before factory finished production,and when we got the oil pumps, we tested the quality by technical department again, that means all our oil pump tested two times before they sold to market, we think no one could do better than us.

We have our own technical department, we could install the oil pump in the engine to test the quality. our technical manager test all the oil pumps used our testing machine with his team again, so we could make double testing for all the oil pumps we supply for DEUTZ engine.

This parts we didn’t manufactured, but we purchased directly from the main oil pump factory in China who supply the oil pump for WEICHAI, DONGFENG, DALIAN, BEINEI ETC. So the quality was the best.

Choose us as your supplier, there was nothing need to worry about.

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