Diesel Engine Oil Cooler for 912 1013 2012 2013

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This parts was used for Air-cooling engine, and it was the most important parts of the engine, they could reduce oil temperature for the engine, and this parts we purchased from China OEM factory, all these parts were all supplied to China DEUTZ Air-cooling engine factory, so the oil cooler quality was best. We are not the manufacture of this parts we are only the oil cooler carrier.


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You know there are 4 parts reduced the Air-cooling type engine, more important parts were cooling fan and oil cooler, this oil cooler reduce the oil temperature for the engine, if it couldn’t reduce oil temperature well, the engine temperature will be higher and higher, when the temperature arrive the engine ultimate temperature,the engine will stop working, and maybe it will take big damage of the engine. So this oil cooler quality is the most important parts of the engine, in order to choose and supply best quality oil cooler, our own technical manager test so many oil coolers produced by different factories together with his team, then we find two oil cooler factories as our supplier in China, one is the OEM factory who supply these oil cooler to China DEUTZ, CUMMENS, PERKINS and other diesel engine factory, the other was the factory who sold the parts to after market, all the oil cooler tested before they were sold, so when we got the parts from these two factories, we make testing again by our technical department, You know most of the oil cooler material were aluminium, so in transportation, if the oil cooler didn’t packed firmly, it was easy to damage, so after we got the oil cooler from the factory, our technical department could test again, if the parts could not used, we will not sale to any of our customer.

For this oil cooler, we could supply many types of DEUTZ engines, because we are specialized in.

We could supply DEUTZ 511/912/913/1012/1013/1015/2012/2012/2013 oil coolers.

So you can choose us as your supplier, we could supply best quality parts, and our technical department could supply the best technical support,do business with us, there is nothing need to worry about.

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