Diesel Engine Crankshaft For 912 1013 2012

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The crankshaft is the main and most important parts for the engine, it is the inner parts of the engine. Choose best quality parts is good for the machine.

You know the crankshaft was the power drive shaft of the engine, one side of the connecting rod was install in the crankshaft, and the other side of the connecting rod connected the liner kits, when the piston moved in the liner up and down, then the crankshaft moved, then the engine could supply power to the machine, so the crankshaft quality is very very important.


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The crankshaft was installed in the crankcase, and the material, also the technical date were important, our crankshaft material is same as DEUTZ drawing shown, and the material is also same as drawing shown, so please choose us as your supplier for diesel engine and parts in China.

We do DEUTZ parts and engine more than 20 years, we have factory for DEUTZ crankshaft, we developed it for DUETZ engine FL511 FL912 BFL913 BFM1013 BFM2012 TCD2012 TCD2013 by our own factory, we have professional production line, we have professional technical department, we have professional workers and we also have professional packing team and transportation team, so we could give you the best quality parts with best price and service.

The crankshaft was manufactured by our own factory, we manufactured Crankshaft for BF factory in Germany 10years before, then we supply our crankshaft to Memo company in American, these years, we supply the crankshaft to China DEUTZ Factory, so our crankshaft quality is the best.

These year in china, Air-cooling type FL912/913 engine used the Casting Crankshaft instead of the Forged crankshaft.

We supply the crankshaft to china DEUTZ factory, we also sale all of them as aftermarket parts in China, and we sale these parts to South Asia, Mid East, North Africa, South America, EROUP and USA. Each year we could sale more than 2000pcs crankshaft for DEUTZ engine.

Choose us, you will get more.

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