Construction Situation

Construction Situation

In the global construction machinery industry, China's position has been substantially improved again - among the top 50 global construction machinery manufacturers, China's listed enterprises have become the first in terms of sales "breaking history".

In the first three quarters of 2020, affected by multiple factors of epidemic situation and industrial cycle, the sales of global construction machinery industry, European, American and Japanese enterprises generally fell by more than 20%; On the contrary, China's construction machinery market is thriving, and mainstream manufacturers have achieved an average growth of more than 20%.

Considering the sharp decline in the European, American and Japanese markets and the substantial growth in China, the sales of Chinese enterprises entering the top 50 list in 2020 will surpass the United States and become the first in the world.

Our Company Final Aim

Our diesel engine was main used for construction machine, and this year we made about 500,000 dollars invest for the engine machine, engine testing machine and engine spare parts (pump pressure testing machine) testing machine, we build a new department about 500 square meter, and this department divided in to three departments, one is for the engine power testing, one is for the pump pressure testing, and the last is for the spare parts technical date testing and compare, all these departments used the professional machine and person, in order to get the step of the construction machinery, and make our company as a famous company for the DEUTZ diesel engine manufacturer and supplier all over the world.


Do more international business is our aim, supply best quality engine and parts to the construction machine all over the world is our mission, the final mission is making our company as the glory of the nationality, supply best quality parts and give the best service to all mankind.

Post time: Jul-29-2021