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Production Equipment

We an expanding team of product, application and service specialists with highly professional backgrounds and strong R&D capabilities

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Production Equipment

Steadfast in their endeavor to provide industry-leading products and technical support for the capture, processing, viewing, printing and storing of images for diagnostic applications.

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Quality is the utmost canon at Chuangtian . We ensure every product and service offered by us must fulfill strict quality requirements. To control quality from the beginning , we persist in the choice of quality suppliers . We purchase raw material from CENTERSTEEL or other world-class suppliers, and every piece of the material is traceable by the OEM certificates . Every stage of the production process is consistently backed with systematic controls and inspection .
Thus , our product can keep working 50 hours continuously , safely and effectively .All of our products are guaranteed with one year warranty .

Production tested department

We are now make a new department for the engine power testing, all the complete engine make power testing within 5o hours before, and the testing machine was the old machine, this month we build a new department, it is called testing department 2, we buy the new testing machine from China diesel engine association, and the testing time from 50 hours along to 100 hours along, so all our complete engine quality and power will be firmly than before.

This department 2 isn’t only the engine power testing department, we also make the parts testing machine for the oil pump, fuel pump, injection pump, injector and water pump, this machine could inspect the pressure of the oil pump, fuel pump,  injection pump and injector, and it could test the pump capacity of the water pump, so from this year, all these pumps and injector quality will get up the new step, and our company will buy more inspecting machine for the main parts of the engine, we will ensure of the quality of our CHUANGTIAN brand are the best with the same price level from this year.

Post time: Jul-16-2021