Air Cooling Fan For Diesel Engine

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This parts is only used for Air-cooling engine, and it is the most important parts of the engine, they could reduce the temperature of the engine, you know well if the engine temperature always in high level, the engine will be damaged, if the engine damaged, the machine should be stopped, we could not develop this cooling fan for the air-cooling engine, this parts we purchased from China OEM factory, the factory supplied them to China DEUTZ Air-cooling engine factory, and they also sold it as aftermarket parts in China, so the quality is no problem.

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You know, Air-cooling type engine don’t have the water tank, the engine reduce the temperature through the Air, there are four parts could reduce the engine temperature, the most important two items were Cooling fan and oil cooler, cooling fan reduce the air temperature, the other is the oil cooler, it reduced the oil temperature, then the engine could working normally, this Cooling fan was the most important parts of the engine, everyone know well for the engine, if the engine started working, the engine temperature will become higher and higher, we should use something or some methods to reduce the engine temperature to keep the engine working normally, if it couldn’t reduce the temperature well, the engine could not work good, and even if the temperature always in highest level, it will take big damage of the engine.

So for this cooling fan, please choose the best quality parts, there were two different material of these cooling fan, one material was aluminium, the other is aluminium and plastic, ours was aluminium only. You know there are two parts installing the cooling fan, one is the Impeller, the other is stationary wheel, all our two parts used aluminium, but some other factories used plastic for the Impeller, it is not same as drawing demand, so many customers buy this type cooling fan, even if the price was lower, but we think it was not the right choose.

We have technical department, the manager and his teams doing this thing more than 25years, they have more experiences, and they also could test the quality of the cooling fan well, they made testing of the plastic impeller, the result proved the plastic one have problem when the engine working along, they don’t think this parts could used widely all over the world.

So you can choose us as your supplier, we could supply best quality parts, and technical department could supply the best technical support for all of our customers.

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